“Matrix Appliances has the mission to ensure that all users can recover any computer data, regardless of the problem
they encounter and as quickly as possible,”
, S. Pelletier, CEO Matrix Appliances

Our solutions

Result of more than 20 years of experience in the world of the backup, our Appliances, combine several patented technologies (Disk2disk2disk® and Stealth Mode®), and solve all the problems met during the operations of backup
or restore and especially of RESTORE.

Our Appliances are made for your infrastructure regardless of size and diversity. Our Dataclone software, included in our Appliances, Hot Clone without agent and limiteless your VMWare, Hyper-V, Azure, Linux, Windows, AS400 environments, etc …

Protected from malware and other viruses, thanks to our Stealth Mode®, your backups are then Cloned on our Removable Media type Disk (technology Disk2disk2disk®).

Your backups will always be accessible and recoverable in a few clicks regardless of the damage you have just suffered from.

Our Patented Technologies

Patented Stealth Mode®

Allowing our Appliances, and Removable Media to be invisible and impervious to Malware, Virus etc. Your backups are therefore unassailable and incorruptible.

 D2D2D® Technology

The first patented Full Disk Backup-Archiving technology, which eliminates the need for tape: Clone up to 150 TB per appliance (and more on demand)
and up to 20 TB per disk media for a maximum reliability and speed of recovery.

Crash Total Rescue

Be protected even in case of total disaster (theft, fire, etc …) thanks to the unique characteristics of our media : Data, Vms and PMs cloned instantly accessible, standard connections, etc.).

And also

Instant Reboot

Restart your virtual machine clones from your Appliance or even from a simple media to save time in case of crash.

2 Clicks Restore

Restore your data, partitions, and physical or virtual machines from your backups or archives in just 2 clicks.

Third Party Backups

Our Appliances are 100% compatible with the backup software already in your possession : keep the best of your old backup system and mix it with the best of the new.


Back up all or part of your backups to the MS Azure Cloud to keep a last backup copy.

Product Features

Stealth mode®: Invisibility to Malware

  • Out-of-domain Backup Appliance : No visibility on the network
  • Supervised and forbidden shares : no security breach
  • No right, no writing from the outside : no process can write on your backup
  • Disk lock : Backup disks and archive media
    controlled and locked by our software

GDPR compliant Appliance

  • Privacy by default concept : the Appliancess are invisible to Malwares with multiple levels of backup and archiving
  • Respect of the obligation to secure data processing : encrypted removable media, internal or external disks protected in writing
  • Privacy by design: 100% of the IT infrastructure saved and archived, no data treatment

Hot backup of your entire IT infrastructure

  • Supports VMware ESX & ESXi, VCenter and Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Physical machines or partitions (Windows Vista and above, Windows Server 2008 and higher)
  • databases (exchange, oracle, SQL, etc.)
  • raw data PC, Mac, Linux, A.S. 400 etc.
  • open files (PST, office, etc.)

Simplicity of your backup and recovery tool

  • An all-in-one product for backup and archiving of your entire information system
  • One single software to administer your backup and archiving on removable media
  • No agent to install on servers or workstations
  • Simplified restoration : color codes, 2clicks restore, granular restoration, time navigator, etc …
  • Embedded recovery software on media


  • DataClone software acclaimed for its reliability and simplicity
  • Appliances manufactured and guaranteed by Lenovo
  • SMicrosoft Windows operating systems for increased integration and compatibility
  • raid 1,5 or 6 on the 1st raid level backup
  • Removable media with SATA connectivity for archiving

Flexibility of use

  • Backup an unlimited number of servers or workstations
  • from 1 TB to 150 TB of backup capacity as standard (and more on request)
  • Up to 20 TB per media
  • 1 or 2 archive slots as standard, library with up to 18 media (360 TB accessible online)
  • SATA media connection for full compatibilty
  • Removable media compatible with each of the Appliances without capacity constraint

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