Simplify, Manage, backup, and archive your entire MOBOTIX

Example of infrastructure without the Matrix4Mobotix solution


Example of infrastructure with the Matrix4Mobotix solution


Matrix4Mobotix is the only solution integrating both hardware and software to replace all the elements necessary for the proper functioning of your MOBOTIX surveillance system.

Matrix4Mobotix Appliances include both Mobotix camera monitoring and configuration software, third-party applications from Mobotix partner publishers. They also include our software which makes it possible to do the storage, the backup, and the archiving on removable media of disc type of all the data collected by the cameras and this, at very high speed, in native mode and crypt.

In addition, our patented solution is invisible to malware and protected against human malicious acts to guarantee the incorruptibility of data both on the storage device, the backup and on the extractable media.

With Matrix4Mobotix, you replace a multitude of software and hardware bricks with ONE SINGLE TOOL, easy to manage and which guarantees the security of your data.

For any information: or on +33 664 797 164